About Us
ZignSec Group

What We Stand For

Reliability, Perfectionism, Transparency and Cooperation - these core values are guiding how we do business.


Keeping You Safe in the Long Run

We are aiming to build a lasting relationship with our customers. This entails cooperative innovation, individual solutions for business problems and taking each other seriously.


Just "Good" Is Not Good Enough

In the volatile online risk environment we all have to constantly evolve just to keep up. We demand only the highest standards from our solutions and strive to always be on the leading edge.


Trust Has to Be Earned

Fraudsters and cybercriminals live from deception and obfuscation. At Web Shield, we operate with a strict policy of transparency and honesty - and demand the same from our customers.


We Can't Do It Alone

No single person or company can win the war against fraud. But together, we can make a difference. That is why we started community-building initiatives like the Web Shield Academy and RiskConnect.

Work With Us

We are always looking for strong partners that share our goals.

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