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Web Shield Academy is the training program from risk professionals for risk professionals.

Earn ETA CPP Continuing Education Credits for attending.


High-Risk Underwriter (Beginner)

2 days
Novice to Advanced
Knowledge not shared is knowledge lost - that is Web Shield Academy's guiding principle.

All Academy courses are headed by experienced risk professionals, who know the ins and outs of underwriting in a high-risk environment. Learn in a structured way about various online business models and test your investigation skills against real life test cases.

No boring lectures: A Web Shield Academy course is filled to the brim with practical, immediately applicable advice.

In the many hands-on case studies, you will learn how to conduct effective open-source intelligence gathering and come to your own conclusions about who you are dealing with: legitimate business or sophisticated fraudster?

Sorry, there are currently no courses scheduled.
Course Content
Fundamentals of Credit Card Business
Credit Card Regulations & Scheme Programs
Introduction to Merchant Acceptance & Underwriting
Best Practices, Documents, UBO, Online Investigation Techniques
Recent High-Risk Trends
Group Discussion
Introduction to Transaction Laundering
Threats & Attacks
Persistent Merchant Monitoring
BRAM/GBPP, TL, Website Compliance
Online Investigation Strategy
Online Investigation With Web Shield Tools
Multiple Live Underwritings
eCommerce, Gambling or Gaming, Nutraceutical, , Remote PC Service, Adult or Dating, Dating etc. (Cases may vary)

High-Risk Underwriter (Advanced)

2 days
Advanced to Expert
We know you are good. Get even better with our Advanced High-Risk Underwriter course.

The course follows the tried and tested Web Shield Academy approach: Topic-driven lectures, exemplified by hand-picked live underwriting cases.

Expand your underwriting toolkit and learn to master the next-level compliance issues.

Don't sweat the small stuff: An Advanced course is a deep dive into current hot-button issues like merchant location, chargeback mitigation and regulatory updates. We also encourage students to bring their own cases for the live underwriting sessions.

Sorry, there are currently no courses scheduled.
Course Content
Regulation Trends
Updated BRAM & GBPP
Merchant Location
Determining the Principal Place of Business According to VISA Rules
Excessive Chargeback Program (ECP), GMCMP, Chargeback Forecasting
Handling Non-Compliance Situations
How to Structure the Investigation, Identify the Perpetrator & Respond to the Card Schemes
Multiple Live Group Underwritings
Forex/Binary, Bitcoin, Charity, Nutraceutical, Cyberlocker, etc. (Cases may vary)
Understanding Deceptive Marketing

In-House Training

1-3 days
Novice to Expert
You decide
Expand your underwriting toolkit and learn to master next-level compliance issues.

The regular courses in a year might be limited, but that does not mean you and your team have to miss out.

You are in charge of our in-house training courses.

Propose a curriculum, suggest content blocks and set the date. Create your own Web Shield Academy experience - or choose one of our tried and tested training courses. You decide!

Course Content
Choose Your Own Topics  & Live Underwriting Cases
See the CHRU and Advanced course content for reference.

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