Man holding a credit card in front of a laptop
Chargeback Portal

Add value for your merchants

Give your merchants the tools they need to manage dispute alerts and prevent chargebacks in one easy-to-use, white-labelled solution. Improve the health of your portfolio while delivering value-added services to your merchant customers.

The results are dramatically reduced chargeback costs, all through one unified solution, developed by a company that has worked with global payment processors and card schemes for over a decade.

Added value for merchants

Enable collaboration for your whole merchant portfolio even if they don't use a chargeback management platform themselves.

Quick dispute resolution

Let your merchants to directly respond to disputes and set rules for automated refunds, saving everyone time, money, and effort.

Use your brand

Modify the white-labelled Chargeback Portal to fit your brand identity: Include your logo and colours to maintain your look and feel.

Easy user import

A merchant list with corresponding billing descriptors is all you need to get started.


Not found the answers to your questions? Try the ones below.

Where can I learn more about Mastercard's requirements for the new dispute resolution process?

You can find a lot more details in the Mastercard Bulletin Announcement AN 4655: Inclusion of Acquirers in the Mastercom Collaboration Process.

Can I give my merchants access to the platform?

Yes. Our white-labelled Chargeback Portal is built with the merchant in mind. You can easily manage user rights for all your merchant representatives and give them access to the information they need.

Does Web Shield have a relationship with Mastercard?

Web Shield maintains a close partnership with Ethoca (which is a Mastercard company) to bring you the best possible solution. We are a long-time Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP) and an official Mastercard Collaborative Service Provider.

Deliver dispute prevention as a service

Offer value-added chargeback prevention services to your merchants and stick out in the competitive payment processing landscape.