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An underwriting tool by experts, for experts

Web Shield's InvestiGate is the KYB software built on more than a decade of experience in merchant due diligence. Created by underwriters, for underwriters, it helps you get quicker results, make better onboarding decisions, and improve your team's efficiency.

Onboard merchants in a flash

InvestiGate makes underwriting large merchant portfolios feasible through automation, even for smaller teams.

All the tools you need in one place

Every tool an underwriter needs, intelligently implemented in one dashboard.

More than just merchant onboarding software

Our team is constantly improving the system and implementing new card scheme rules.

Advanced scoring and decisioning

Quantified risk scores and traffic light colour coding make complex data understandable and actionable.

Typical card scheme rules violations

The Mastercard BRAM program and Visa's VIRP are the bible for merchant underwriters. Web Shield's InvestiGate helps you follow it.

There are a myriad of risk indicators tied to card scheme violations that InvestiGate detects automatically. Here are some of the most important ones for Know Your Business (KYB) organisations.

1. Content violations and illegal offerings

The key requirement of both BRAM and VIRP is that merchants are not allowed to sell any illegal or brand-damaging products or services. To identify if that is the case, Web Shield’s web crawler scans all known merchant websites to find any content that may violate this requirement.

2. Missing website information

There are clear rules for what an eCommerce merchant has to display on their website to be compliant with card scheme rules. That means they need clear information about the company operating the site, payment terms, and more. InvestiGate automatically identifies if this information is available and presents it to you for review.

3. Negative options merchants and deceptive marketing

In recent years, Mastercard and Visa have introduced very strict rules for negative options merchants to prevent consumers from buying products or services they don't want. Payment processors must see that their merchants operate transparently with free trial offers and subscriptions.

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