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Don't waste your time with irrelevant data from dozens of sources. Focus your efforts - and achieve more, faster.
Real-time underwriting lets you access results in under 7 minutes, thanks to InvestiGate's sophisticated mirroring technology.
InvestiGate On-Boarding Workflow

With the eCommerce revolution showing no signs of slowing down, online shops and service providers have become an important pillar of any portfolio.

Mail Order & Telephone Order

Although not on the forefront of innovation anymore, these merchants are still holding their own in many niche markets.


Despite the eCommerce revolution, brick-and-mortar stores aren't going away anytime soon.

One Platform for All

Take informed on-boarding decisions, regardless if you are dealing with a card-not-present, face-to-face, Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) or micro merchant.

As an online research tool, InvestiGate is ideal for underwriting eCommerce merchants. That doesn't mean it only works for them. Nowadays, the vast majority of merchants (intentionally or unintentionally) have an online presence that can be investigated.

Through its integration of open source intelligence gathering and third party information providers, InvestiGate can cope with any type of merchant.

User Interface

Manually enter merchants and websites via our InvestiGate user interface.

Batch Upload

You can upload your entire merchant portfolio via batch upload.


Use our API to integrate InvestiGate into your native risk management system.

Flexible Integration

No matter if you just want to investigate some special cases, or make InvestiGate part of your everyday risk management process - we got you covered.

For single merchants, the InvestiGate user interface guides you through the necessary steps of creating a case file, with a batch upload you can transfer your entire merchant portfolio to our platform, and for a more immediate integration, we can provide you with API access.

Low Risk

These merchants have done their homework and can usually be on-boarded quickly.

Moderate Risk

Medium risk merchants have some significant problems, but they can usually be mitigated - for example through financial collateral.

High Risk

Be extremely cautious in dealing with these merchants! They might be involved in fraud, transaction laundering or similar behaviour.

Clear Risk Indicators

No more than seven minutes after entering a merchant's data and website, InvestiGate issues a preliminary risk score.

This serves as orientation for the overall on-boarding risk, and lays out a clear-cut underwriting path  for you. Every red flag you review in the process makes the score more accurate.

Individualise the Investigation

Any time during the course of underwriting, you can add additional investigate modules to your InvestiGate case file.

Fine-tune your research with investigative modules, built to address your organisation's specific needs.


If everything checks out as expected, nothing stands in the way of on-boarding.


Some issues might keep you from on-boarding immediately, but can be resolved by working with the merchant.


If the problems revealed during the investigation are too severe, it might be better to decline.

Take Informed Decisions

After working through an InvestiGate case file, you usually know a lot about the merchant in question.

This knowledge will help you take the appropriate measures and decisions to keep your portfolio profitable.

Of course, the journey does not end at on-boarding: Through InvestiGate, you can immediately set up an appropriate monitoring regime for the merchant and their websites.

We are a Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP)

As an official member of Mastercard's MMSP program, Web Shield offers the benefits of BRAM and Transaction Laundering Safe Harbor to all principal members.

Comply with Visa Integrity Risk Program (VIRP)

Although Visa does not currently offer a robust Safe Harbor program, all of our solutions take their VIRP into account in their risk assessment methodology.

A well-filled toolbox for Underwriters

The standard version of InvestiGate gives you access to a broad array of research modules. They already go far beyond mere keyword flagging.

Enhance Your Investigation

Every merchant has a unique profile. With InvestiGate's optional modules, you can adapt every investigation to your requirements - for a truly risk-based approach to underwriting.

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