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Cryptocurrency Compliance for Acquirers

In a rapidly changing legal environment, on-boarding and maintaining cryptocurrency compliance has become a complex task.
With our Regulatory Monitoring Legal Library, a legal opinion by a reputable law firm is always only one click away.

Demonstrate that the merchant’s and cardholders’ activities comply at all times with any laws identified above.

Cardholder Laws

Identify all relevant laws and other laws applicable to cardholders that may transact with the merchant.

How Does BRAM Compliance Work?

Merchant LAWs

Identify all relevant laws and other laws applicable to the merchant.

BRAM Compliance

The Headache With Cryptocurrencies

The persistence of cryptocurrencies in the payments landscape has confronted acquiring banks with a dilemma: either they start taking on cryptocurrency merchants operating in an only partially regulated space - or watch on the sidelines while their competitors stake their claim in an emerging profitable market.

Legal Opinion
Compliance Requirements
Following Mastercard’s BRAM program, acquirers require a legal opinion from a “reputable law firm located in each country where cryptocurrency activity will occur or be offered to cardholders”.
How do you get access?
Regulatory monitoring operates on a subscription basis. This means you pay a monthly fee and get access to all legal opinions for all available jurisdictions - for quick and easy compliance.
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Making Compliance Straightforward

At its core, regulatory monitoring is an elaborately built and maintained database of legal opinions that encapsulates the legal framework of all relevant jurisdictions concerning cryptocurrencies.

From this, you not only get a comprehensive snapshot of the laws regarding cardholders and merchants on the ground, you are also able to demonstrate the legal viability of the merchant's business model.

Depending on the jurisdiction, our partner law firms assess the legality of the most common business models employed by cryptocurrency merchants.

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