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Created: Jan 13, 2021
Updated: Oct 17, 2022
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With the Web Shield Online Academy, Web Shield is bringing a new online education format to the risk, compliance and anti-fraud training market, allowing students to learn in their own time, at their own pace, anywhere with an internet connection.

As of today, over 600 underwriters working at acquiring bank, payment service providers or other financial institutions have already graduated from Web Shield’s in-person courses over the last 6 years. With its offerings now expanded online, this number is bound to go up.

Technology is important in the fight against financial crime. Yet a competent, well-trained risk management staff is indispensable. Even the best automated systems can be compromised if the staff using them are not adequately trained. Web Shield Academy’s curricula are designed for risk professionals by risk professionals. It aims to create better underwriters and drive profitability for their organizations through smart risk management.

Courses are packed with practical, immediately applicable advice. There are plenty of real-life case studies and worked examples drawn from our experience and worldwide exposure to different merchant sectors. Successful students can obtain a personalized digital certificate if they pass the final course exam.

“Following our motto - Criminals move fast, so must underwriters - we’re very excited to contribute towards the constant knowledge transfer in our industry. As Benjamin Franklin was saying ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’, we do trust that these courses made with passion from senior risk professionals will help your team become better at what they do and reach your professional goals sooner.” Said Christian Chmiel – Web Shield’s CEO and himself lecturer at the Web Shield Academy.

Web Shield’s new Online Academy comprises various topics, each of which is designed to address different problems in the payment system. The first three online courses available are as follows:

Fundamentals of Credit Card Risk

This course sets acquirer risk management in the wider context of merchant acceptance and card payments. Students will learn about the different acquirer risks, how to calculate financial exposure, and manage risk throughout the merchant relationship to maximize profitability.

Introduction to Merchant Acceptance & Underwriting

A practical introduction to how to assess potential e-commerce merchants during the underwriting process. Learn all about verifying the identity of merchant principals and unravelling corporate structures as part of anti-money laundering checks, as well as how to conduct forensic reviews of websites.

Deceptive Marketing Practices

By explaining various unscrupulous practices, this course enables students to navigate the shady world of deceptive marketing. It equips them with tips and techniques to manage the risks. Also included is the latest from the card schemes on free trials and negative option billing, and how to implement these requirements.

Additional courses on the topic of Money Laundering are currently in development and coming soon.

If you are interested in further information of the Online Academy, please visit or subscribe to our newsletter.

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