Fundamentals of card risk

This course explains various acquirer risks, including operational, acceptance, credit, fraud, third-party risks, and more.

53 lessons in 3 chapters
103 minutes
Yes, after passing an exam

Risk is good. Think about it this way, why do cars have brakes? Brakes on a car are the ultimate risk management device. They help control the car, are inherent to driving and, most importantly, help the driver go faster. Because they know they can slow down, avoid hazards or stop, drivers are able to take more risk.

Successful companies did not get to where they are today without taking risks. But it’s only those with robust risk management structures and confidence in them, who can be more enterprising and entrepreneurial. In short, take more calculated and controlled risks to boost their business, reputation and bottom line.

This online course sets acquirer risk management in the wider context of merchant acceptance and card payments. With the aid of real-life case studies, it explains various acquirer risks, including operational, acceptance, credit, fraud and third-party risks. Students will learn how to calculate financial exposure. And how to manage risk at both the on-boarding stage and with appropriate monitoring during the merchant relationship to maximise profitability.

‘Fundamentals of card risk’ is suitable for those who are new to an acquirer risk management department. Or new to your business and need a good grounding in the fundamentals.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the basics of merchant acceptance and card payments
  • Comprehend merchant-related risks and how to calculate financial exposure
  • Understand how acquire high-risk merchants profitably
  • Be able to devise policies and procedures to manage risk exposure
  • Gain an overview of risk management tools currently available


The context, the basics, the rules

A crash course in the terminology, basic concepts of card acquiring, who does what, how everyone gets paid, what happens when things go wrong and the role of the card schemes, particularly around rules and compliance.

The risks

All about the risks: definitions of risk and risk management generally and then the risks that acquirers face specifically, for example operational, acceptance, credit, data security, fraud, third-party, sector and geographic risks.

Managing risks

How to manage acquirer risks for commercial advantage, including conducting due diligence, site visits, website reviews and ongoing monitoring.

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